No matter what you say, your body speaks louder.

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What Client Has To Say...

Clarissa W

The workshop was really fun, enlightening, and goal-oriented. Ithas affected my life in a lot of ways: I have started noticing my physical and mental states inrelationships. It's been very helpful to think ofhow others perceive my physical movements, if sometimes I am giving off an emotion that I haven't been aware ofat all, orif I would like to improve someone's mood or counteract somebody's anger.

The best applications of this work are inany interactions with people. Personally, I have found that I'm capable of expressing anger a lot better, because I find that it's not a dangerously uncontrollable feeling, but one that can be expressed andused to develop relationships.”

Theresa G.

“As an entrepreneur wanting to do public speaking this work is invaluable. Using simple exercise and postures, a speaker can learn to communicate not only verbally but energetically to get their point across. I see this being applicable in groups, classes or seminars and one-on-one work. There really isn't a place that it can't help someone be a better communicator.

Working with Berit helped me to discover how I present myself public and gave specific strategies for conveying my message in public in a comfortable and intentional way. The specific postures and exercises helped me to open up to being seen in areas of my business that I have been struggling with.”

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